neotrad translations


We know how important it is to communicate effectively and accurately in your target language. Neotrad Translations only offers impeccable translations and assures the highest standards through our quality assurance capable of responding to your every need and requirement.

Thus, we only work with professional translators who are selected according to their experience and areas of specialization in their field. The Project Manager shall select the most appropriate translator based on an evaluation of the particular needs of your document. Our quality assurance standards are implemented throughout the entire duration of the project guaranteeing a superb result at the agreed deadline. In order to ensure consistent word usage including technical terms we use CAT tools throughout the process.

All translations are proofread by a skilled editor to ensure that the source text has been faithfully and correctly translated.Our standards of clarity and reading comfort are of the highest order and we provide error free documents.

Our offer includes:

Specialized translations


Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation for conferences or business meetings.


We proofread and edit the work of other translators in order to detect and correct the infelicities that may occurred during the translation process.

Our working pairs are:

For translations in other language pairs, please contact us.